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All On 4

The All on 4 concept is an excellent solution for individuals that have terminal dentition, or are missing many or all their teeth.  
The All on 4 concept an excellent way to gain fixed teeth, in just one surgical appointment. All on 4, also known as "teeth in a day", is a graft less procedure, therefore there is no need for bone augmentation. The patient comes in the morning, and leaves in the afternoon with a fixed bridge on implants. 
The benefits of the All on 4 procedure is as follows:
1. only one surgery
2. no need for bone grafting
3. fixed teeth
4. cost effective as replace a full arch of teeth on 4-7 implants
5. high success rates
If we look at All on 4 survival and success rates, studies show 10 year survival rates of 94-99%,
 Here are some before and after pictures of the how All on 4 teeth look.
If you are considering the ALL ON 4 concept, make sure to find a dental practitioner that has done quite a number of these procedures, as this procedure is not a simple one.
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FYI....The blue on the teeth, is just markings to check the biting contacts, and they rub off