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Dental Implants vs Bridge

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Dental Implants vs Bridge
There are many differences one must be aware of when comparing and deciding treatment options of Dental Implants vs Bridge.
Dental Implants                                                                                       Bridge__
- fixed tooth - fixed teeth
- excellent esthetics  - good esthetics
- maintains bone volume.                                                                - faster to complete
- does rely on adjacent teeth
- vertical forces applied to adjacent teeth
- can floss around implant and teeth
- longer life expectancy for an implant
Dental Implants                                                                                       Bridge__________
- surgical procedure   - damages adjacent teeth
- longer treatment time            - adjacent teeth compensating for missing tooth
   - later forces placed on adjacent teeth
    - increased stress placed on adjacent teeth
  - does NOT maintain bone volume
  - decreased life expectancy compared to dental implants
  - can floss between teeth
Therefore after reviewing the pros and cons of Dental Implants vs Bridge, it is very evident and clear that dental implants are superior in 
many ways compared to a bridge. The first treatment of choice and options any dentist should be discussing with their patients is dental implants.
By not offering dental implant options, one is doing injustice to their patients. 
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